For Healthcare Providers

for healthcare providers

Food as Medicine

  • 90% of seniors want to continue living at home but only about half can still cook for themselves or have a place to prepare food.
  • Many seniors end up back in the hospital after being released and 20% of them go back within the month because they don’t get the care and attention they need.
  • Meals On Wheels can provide nutritious meals to a senior for 1 year for the same cost as one night in the hospital.
  • Billions of dollars are wasted on unnecessary Medicaid and Medicare expenses which is tax money that could be put to use in other areas.
  • 45% of seniors receiving Meals On Wheels and other nutritional services live in poverty


How can you help?

By recommending MOW of Greater Lafayette to discharge patients the safety and quality of life of Tippecanoe County seniors can be significantly increased. MOW not only ensures that these seniors receive food, but also act as a safety net by regularly checking up on the seniors who receive meals. Seniors have readily available help or access to information regarding health or nutrition with this service.